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About us

Solidarity is a socialist group with branches across Australia. To join us see here.

We stock a range of books and pamphlets on politics and socialist theory. We also publish a monthly magazine Solidarity that carries reports from the frontline of fighting for change, features on the history and politics of resistance, and a socialist analysis of Australian and global politics. You can subscribe to the magazine here.

Shipping costs within Australia are calculated automatically when you purchase your items. You can also avoid postage charges by arranging to pick up your items at one of our branch meetings or events in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. If you want to purchase an item from outside Australia please contact us here.

Please contact us about any problems with postage, damage to items or returns. For full online store terms and conditions see here.

What we stand for

We are opposed to the madness of capitalism, which is plunging us into global recession and misery at the same time as wrecking the planet’s future. We are taking the first steps towards building an organisation that can help lead the fight for an alternative system based on mass democratic planning, in the interests of human need not profit.

The name Solidarity invokes one of the basic values of working class struggle—standing together in the fight for our rights. But it also stands for the wider solidarity we want to see uniting those fighting for change around different issues into a united fightback against the capitalist system and the ruthless drive for profits that dominates our world.

We’re committed to building social movements and the wider left, through throwing ourselves into struggles for social justice, against racism and to strengthen rank-and-file unionism. We’re active in the movement for refugee rights, the student movement and the fight for education and as activists in our unions.

Solidarity is a member organisation of the International Socialist Tendency, a network of socialist groups around the world that share a common political outlook.

Join us in the struggle to end the wars, inequality and environmental destruction that threatens our world. 

Get in touch

Please get in contact with us or find out more about our events and the campaigns we are involved in, or come along to our regular meetings. Follow our Facebook page for regular updates. Subscribe to our free weekly newsletter. United we can win a better world.